• Principal/Employer to submit the documents (1 to 4) to the Philippine Embassy/POLO (Posts) in the host country for “verification” and / or “authentication”. In the absence of a Philippine Embassy/POLO, the nearest Philippine Consulate in the worksite, may do the verification and/or authentication process. In the absence further of Consulate in an overseas worksite, POEA may directly perform the required accreditation process.

          Embassy/POLO in the host country, or POEA, may require additional documents.

  • Hired applicants will be made to sign the Job Offer (summarizing employment terms), supporting the Employment Contract registered in POEA. Visa processing and other mobilization procedures, to be undertaken.
  • When documents are released from the Philippine embassy/POLO (duly-verified/authenticated), originals are to mailed to Philippine agency, which shall submit the same to POEA for "registration and job order approval".
  • When Principal/Employer is registered with and approved by POEA, the recruiting and hiring activities of the Principal/Employer, becomes official and legal.
  • Prior to actual deployment of the worker/s, agency will secure from POEA the “exit clearance” also called Overseas Employment Certificate (or OEC). It is a written proof that bearer is an 0verseas Filipino Worker (OFW), thus, is exempted from paying any travel tax or terminal fees at the Philippine airport. The same certificate proves that worker is properly documented, passing thru a legal deployment process (using the services of a licensed agency and the POEA).


Should you need more information regarding the recruitment of Filipino workers, please feel free to contact us anytime, thru telephone numbers : (+63)-02-5235455 or (+63)-02-525-0280. You may also fax your concerns to : (+63)-02-5250278 or email to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you.