HRD Employment Consultants & Multi-services, Inc. (HRD for brevity), is licensed to recruit and deploy Filipino contract workers to various work stations overseas, for gainful employment.HRD has been in the manpower placement industry since year 2000 and our clientele includes satisfied contracting firms (Employers) in the Middle East, Guam, some parts of Africa and Asia, for various construction-engineering-projects (vertical/horizontal, power plant, refinery, Oil & Gas); healthcare firms in USA; hospitality industries and private institutions in the Middle East and Asia.

HRD has a cohesive team of employees, with complementary professional skills, cooperatively performing various manpower placement activities: from applicant-search (recruitment), screening, applicant-management, pre-employment orientation, documentation and up to deployment. Our post-deployment service includes continuous communication with our clients and our deployed personnel, making them feel of our presence as an overseas employment partner. HRD is devoted to the realization of our Mission/Vision of becoming a recognized professional and ethical organization, delighting clients with quality service, helping improve the lives of its workers & their families, and contributing to the growth of our country’s economy.

April 1999 :
Established as a management consultancy firm. September of the same year, its purposes of incorporation were amended to recruitment
July 2000 :
Obtained Recruitment License from POEA as an agency for overseas manpower placement. Such License authorized HRD to recruit and process deployment of all categories of land-based workers, to any overseas destination.

March 2008

March 2009



Cebu and Davao branch offices were respectively established, to serve specific manpower needs of a consortium of Japanese clients for a huge highway construction project in Constantine & Annaba Algeria & other parts of Africa. Completion of projects after 5 years, resulted to closure of branch offices, and relocation of employees to HRD’s Manila office.

There are more than forteen (14) regular employees , a few contractual team members + a number of on-call Consultants doing occasional finance-auditing & technical evaluation of highly-skilled job candidates. As necessary, additional team members are being hired, to handle new or additional projects.

"We Make Recruitment Right, The First Time, All the Time!"



HRD is a dedicated organization whose mission is to help provide gainful employment opportunities to those who wish to improve their lives and those of their families.

With our operations closely patterned with the ethical standards of the manpower export industry, HRD will be a recognized professional and ethical organization, responding to clients' manpower requirements, improving the lives of its recruits, and contributing to our country's economic growth and that of the host countries


We have faith in the Filipino workers, as they are among the world's potential, easily-trained and most adoptable workers.
We believe that success in business is doing the right thing.
Thus, we make recruitment right, not just the first time, but all the time.

We select the best available applicants.
We recognize their rights and needs.
We treat them right and give them the right services.

We choose and train our own employees carefully.
We empower them, to ensure they do their tasks right, the first time, all the time.